New Play Project presents AMERICA!!!

You’ve waited for it, and now it’s here!! This weekend the New Play Project presents AMERICA: six attempts to define her good, her bad and her silly. Performing at the Provo Theatre Company ( 105 N 100 E) this Friday at 7:oo pm and Saturday at 3:30 and 7:oo pm. Tickets are only $5.

I’ve got to tell you, this set of plays will be amazing! And I’m only slightly biased. We’ve got four plays that are just hilarious, from one about a Slow News Day to one featuring psychologically flawed Superheroes. But the evening is not all fun and games, we do have two serious plays, two plays written about September 11th. One is written by a man who grew up in the Bronx, about his family’s experiences on that day, and the other is about the Survivor’s Guild founded after the attacks, but with a very interesting twist at the end.

For our last play festival of the year, in our first play festival taking place in the Provo Theatre Company, these are some of our best plays. I, for one, am very excited. Tell all your friends to be there, you won’t regret it!!

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