Yet another play i’m working on.


Games we Play

Guy and Girl sitting on a bench, or maybe a couch.

Guy: (long pause) Um… I had an interesting conversation with Bishop the other day at church.

Girl: Oh?

Guy: Yeah … it was kinda funny really. He came up to me in Priesthood and looks at me and says, “Will, I’m just wondering. I noticed you and Katie sitting together in Sacrament meeting, and last week at Institute as well. Are you and our friend an “item” now? He said “she’s a very nice girl, you should look into that. You have my blessing”. He really said that! We have his blessing! (chuckles slightly)

Girl: So, what did you say?

Guy: What?

Girl: When he asked if we were an item, what did you tell him?

Guy: Um … I told him that we spend a lot of time together, we do things together you know … and … (trails off)


Guy: So … are we dating?

Girl: What?

Guy: I mean, we’re pretty good friends, right? And we do do a bunch of stuff together, hang out and, and such, yeah? But are we dating? I think we’ve gone on a couple dates, we saw that movie, remember, and we went to that play, that was fun, but were those dates? Did those count? Are we dating?

Girl: (pause) Do you want to be?

Guy: Yeah, sure! I mean … I’m not just saying sure because I’ve got noting else, I really do like you, we have been spending a lot of time with each other and it has been a lot of fun, don’t you think?

Girl: Yeah, it’s been great. (pause) We’re dating.


Guy: So …

Girl: So … (pause) So, we’re official now?

Guy: Official? Like we have to fill out forms or something?

Girl: No, I just meant, we’re ‘official’, like ….

Guy: I knew what you meant, I was just teasing, giving you a hard time. I’m allowed to do that now, we’re ‘official’!

Girl: Are you making fun of me?

Guy: No! Well, yes. But that’s all part and parcel of the whole ‘official’ thing. I’m finally able to relax a bit around you, I feel as if some of the pressure has been lifted.

Girl: Pressure?

Guy: Yeah, you didn’t feel it? We would spend so much time sitting next to each other on the couch watching TV or a movie, and I really kinda wanted to reach over and hold your hand or put my arm around you, but I was so nervous, I didn’t know how you would react. But now we’re dating, and I feel great!

Girl: Oh.

I’m still writing….. more to come when i get it written.

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