I have been having ideas lately. A lot of ideas. I really wish that I had enough time to write everything that I think, everything that I want to write.

First: I want to write a short story about “A Life lived in Web 2.0” – I want to tell a story, probably a boy-meets-girl, does something amazing, gets girl, type of story, but I want to tell it using Google Buzz — using Twitter updates, Google Chat Status messages, some Blogger posts, maybe a few pictures or videos through Picasa or YouTube. Basically, anything that posts to GoogleBuzz. I just think it would be interesting to tell a story in this way. The question is: Do I simply write the story in the style of Google Buzz posts, or do I go and create Google Accounts and Twitter accounts, and actually post everything, to take screenshots of the Google Buzz feed to tell the story?? I’ll have to think about that.

Second: I want to finish(which means write more than just the first chapter) of a couple of novels I have been working on. More details to come as I get them.

Third: I had the wonderful opportunity to go see Godspell performed at BYU a couple of weeks ago, directed by a friend of mine, Carson McFarland. It was amazing! I have seen that show before, but it wasn’t handled very well, it was almost sacrilegious. But this one was well done, tastefully done, excellently done. It got me thinking about wanting to write a Godspell sequel, set at BYU, using 3rd Nephi as the original Godspell used the Gospel of Matthew. It could be interesting. It could be fun. I’m still forming that idea.

Fourth: This one is not an idea to write, but an idea to do. I want to help foster technology in the classroom. I was thinking about a lot of classrooms and students who do not have access to the most basic of computers which could help them do their schoolwork. And I remembered that the company where I work has a Cascade program, where employees at Headquarters get new computers every 3 years or so, and their computers, which still work pretty well, get cascaded to other departments that don’t necessarily need the newest computers. Why can’t we work something like that out with businesses and schools and homes? I want to go to large corporations and ask how often they purchase new computers, and what they do with the old ones. See if they would donate them to schools for use in the classroom, and then after a few years in the classroom, when the school has received more computers, they could then be given to some of the students who cannot purchase computers for their home use. It could be a feasible program that will help low-income families have access to the same technology as other students. And in an ever increasingly technological world, those that cannot afford the technology will be left behind. It is our job, as teachers, to help them learn computers as much as our specific field of study.

Just some thoughts I’ve had recently that I wanted to write down and articulate. Any ideas of yours that you want to share, or any comments on these ideas is appreciated. If we can start the conversation then we can make something happen. I firmly believe that together we know so much more than we do individually and that as we share knowledge and ideas that the world can change!

One thought on “Ideas

  1. wow david you deff have some amazing ideas! and i firmly feel like you should achieve all of them! its fun to see into your head a little bit on here lol

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