Witty Post Title

In an attempt to stimulate my wittiness and cleverness, and to force myself into the habit of writing regularly, I am going to start writing regularly.  I have recently started several blogs, for several different purposes, and I am making it my goal to write on at least one of them every other day.  We’ll see how that goes.

Projects I am currently working on:

I have been writing a large paper (somewhere upwards of 15-20 pages) inspired by a subject discussed briefly in a couple of my literature classes.  I need to get the book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell from the library, and using his ideas on the monomyth and the hero journey I will write a paper comparing this hero journey, that is almost omnipresent in almost all culture’s legends and myths, to the LDS doctrine of the Plan of Salvation.
The steps of the Hero Journey (abridged)  are:

1. Departure

a. Call to Adventure

b. Refusal of the call

c. Supernatural Aid

d. Belly of the Whale

2. Initiation

a. Road of Trials

b. Meeting with the Goddess

c. Temptation

d. Atonement with the Father

e.  Apotheosis (‘to be made divine’)

3. Return

a. Magic Flight

b. Rescue from Without

c. Master of Two Worlds

d. Freedom to Live

Campbell argues that these steps of the Hero Journey are universal, that they exist in legends and myths of almost every culture, from the Ancient Greeks, and Persians, to the modern-day movie or novel.  What I intend to argue in the paper is that the reason that these ideas are so universal is that they are based upon the Plan of Salvation, as taught and revealed through both ancient and modern scriptures and prophets.  Adam had this truth and taught it to his children, and through the years it has been partially forgotten and misinterpreted until it shows up as the myths and legends of so many cultures.  But it keeps coming back because it rings true with humanity; at some deep spiritual level we all recognize the truths of the Plan of Salvation, wherever they show up.  These myths are then the vestigial remainders of eternal truths peeking out and seeping through in all human experiences.

I’m excited to write this, and I will probably submit it to BYU’s Conference on Literature and the Sacred. We’ll see how it goes!  It could easily turn into a 20-30 page paper.  Kind of daunting, but it needs to be that long to cover everything properly.

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