A Foray into Web Design

I have been involved with a local theatre comapny since January.  I got involved because I know found founding playwright, having worked with him on other plays of his that he has produced.  He has since moved to Arizona, but wants to keep producing his plays here, so he asked me if I would run things for him, and take care of things since he cannot physically be here. It’s been fun, I’ve had the opportunity now to see the world of theatre from the other side. I started in theatre as an actor in middle school and high school plays, then, when our school did a musical I turned to tech crew, since I do not sing or dance.  I really enjoy the technical aspect of theatre, and since moving out here to college, I got involved with a New Play Project, as their Technical Director, helping manage all of the technical aspects of their shows, from props and sets to lights and sound design.  I have really enjoyed it.  Now with this new theatre company, Zion Theatre Company, I get to see what being a producer is all about.  I have been involved with running the front of house, the Box Office, the financial part of theatre.  It really has been interesting, and in the last three years I have been involved with amateur theatre in almost every single way, from acting to assistant directing to technical to financial and producing.  It has been an amazing experience.  I look forward to being able to use this experience as I hope to teach theatre at some high school after I graduate.

What I have also been doing for this Zion Theatre Company is building a website.  I work tech support for a large global organization, so I have some background in computers, but I don’t really know anything about code, beyond some basic HTML.  But I found a few website builders online that were mostly template based and I was able to play around with them to create a website that I’m pretty proud of, and the other guys at Zion Theatre Company think is pretty good, as well.  You can see what I’ve got so far at www.ziontheatrecompany.com

And, with that being done, I was showing what I had created to some friends at work, some who are a lot smarter than I am, and I have been working with a friend to learn web design and code and make the website better.  On the site as it is, there is an ad on the side, that is how this website builder makes their money.  But we have found some places that will do free hosting without ads, but it requires a little more knowledge of how to build a web site.  This is where Thomas comes in.  He and I have been working at this the last couple of days, and together we’re working on taking the code from the website builder and understanding it enough to be able to recreate it on our own.  He is so much more knowledgeable than I am on this subject, but I am getting pretty excited to learn web design.  I have taken a few free online tutorials, and it really doesn’t seem all that hard.  It will just take time and practice.

So,  that’s what I’ve been doing since classes ended and I took all of my finals.  And I’m pretty sure that’s how I’ll be spending most of my summer – teaching myself how to create websites through trial and error.  That’s the best way I can learn something like this. I’m excited about it, and looking forward to learning a useful skill!

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