A new look!

Thanks to my awesome wife, who not only took that photo but also designed the banner, this blog now has a new look.  I am very pleased with it, and with her.

The headshot was taken a few weeks ago, by my lovely wife as I was applying for a position with an upcoming LDS Church film project.  Sometime early next year the LDS Motion Picture Studio is going to be working on a New Testament project, and I found a link to the application for both Cast and Extra parts they are looking for.  So, my amazing wife took some photos of me, profile and headshot, so that I could submit them along with my theatre resume.  I emphasized my experience with technical theatre, hoping that even if I don’t get any screentime in this upcoming project, they’ll at least let me know if they need help backstage.  That would be great. It has long been a goal of mine to be involved with a Church production somehow.  (I still need to look into applying for one of the Pageants, that’d be fun!)  And hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be hearing back from the Audio-Visual department of the Church.

In the meantime, take a look around, enjoy the new look to this blog, which will hopefully mean that I’ll be writing more often.  I love writing and I love that people seem to enjoy reading what I’ve written (I’ve had over 50 page views in the last two days, and hopefully that’s not my mother refreshing her page every few seconds so that I feel good about my numbers!).  I appreciate all of the comments, and I want to encourage those who don’t comment to do so, I love hearing what you think.

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