What should I be reading?

Inspired by a friend of mine, who posted here, I realize that I spend a lot of time online doing nothing.  I would like to spend my time a little better and gain something from my online experience.  I am looking for suggestions on blogs that I should be reading.

What do you think?  What should I be reading?  Even if you just want to shamelessly plug your own blog, that’s fine, let me know, leave a comment.

I’m also looking for suggestions on books to read, if you have any.  Lately, I have found myself enjoying steampunk novels, and slowly transitioning into science fiction, though I mostly read fantasy novels.  I like a novel that makes you think without too much sex or violence.

I look forward to hearing from you.


2 thoughts on “What should I be reading?

  1. There’s always my blog, The Religiously Sanctioned Co-Habitation Chronicles (http://cohabitationchronicles.wordpress.com.)

    If you’re looking for Mormon blogs, By Common Consent (http://bycommonconsent.com) has a good, equal mixture of discussion and funny snark. Mormon Matters (http://mormonmatters.org) is good for general religious discussion. Feminist Mormon Housewives (http://feministmormonhousewives.org) is where I go when I want to get riled up and controversial. :p Times and Seasons (http://timesandseasons.org) is a more conservative, stellar Mormon blog.

    There is also Keepapitchinin (http://keepapitchinin.org) and Juvenile Instructor (http://www.juvenileinstructor.org) for some incredibly good historical Mormon stuff.

    I’ve been reading Buddhism Now (http://buddhismnow.wordpress.com/), which has a lot of really interesting historical and doctrinal information about Buddhism.

    Other than that, I occasionally will flit over to TreeHugger (http://treehugger.com) for environmental news, and the Daily Beast (http://thedailybeast.com) for various other news. If you’re into pencil and paper rpgs, Gnome Stew (http://gnomestew.com) is a great resource, though some of the language in the posts can be NSFW.

    I’ll put more on when I think of it later!

  2. I haven’t been blogging that long but I can’t resist the opportunity for a shameless plug. I don’t have a long line of authors blogs etc attached to my own blog like some, but a few friends in the SF/F field. You are more than welcome to ignore the non-fiction side (all that religion stuff). You will find a short list of authors on my about page that might interest you…

    The Fiction Side: The Storyteller http://mgkizzia.wordpress.com/
    The Non-Fiction Side: Word & Spirit http://michaelkizzia.wordpress.com/

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