Just a quick “What the heck?”

So, I have been writing a lot more regularly on this blog, i.e. every day this last week, and that has turned into a pretty steady readership. I’m getting about 30 views a day. Thank you very much, I appreciate your patronage, and your comments!

What I don’t get is how you’re coming here. WordPress tells me a lot of stats about this blog, views per day, views per post, and top searches – how people are getting to my blog. These top searches are sometimes just a little weird.
Today, for example the top searches coming to my blog are : “catchy titles for education learning, catchy title about teaching, grammar on wish, catchy titles for gay rights articles”

The first two I get, my blog is titled Catchy Title Goes Here, and I write about education learning and teaching. But what does “grammar on wish” mean? Who’s searching for that? and I definitely don’t get that last one – “catchy titles for gay rights articles”, when have I ever written anything about gay rights? Not that I’m opposed to gay rights, or in favor of gay rights, I just haven’t written anything about the subject. And yet, somehow, you’re still getting to my blog by searching that.

But no, really, Thanks. Thanks for coming, thanks for reading, thanks for commenting. My main purpose in this blog is to write and to get a discussion going, I appreciate all of you.

2 thoughts on “Just a quick “What the heck?”

  1. You are now officially on my bookmark bar (a huge honor, believe me) so no pressure!

    Also, for the longest time, my most popular post was a quick one about journal keeping. I talked about the different ways people keep journals and mentioned off-hand Leonardo DaVinci’s journal when more pages of his journal had been discovered and it was a media story for a while.

    I still feel bad for those poor souls who came wanting to learn more about DaVinci and got my blog instead.

    Also, “grammar on wish”? What in the heck?

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