General Conference October 2010 follow-up — The Twittersphere

The Conference Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Conference Center in Salt Lake City, UT

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I followed General Conference this year via Twitter, mostly.  I must say that was quite an interesting experience.  At the end of it, I don’t feel like I really watched Conference. Twitter, for me, is not a substitute or replacement for actually listening to the messages.  But, it did allow me to feel connected to others who were participating, it did allow me to at least get a Cliffs Notes version, a play-by-play commentary, as it were.

Some people were tweeting the actual words (or as close as they could get them in 14o characters) , some were tweeting their feelings and reaction to those words, and of course there were those who were using this opportunity to express their personal opinions about the Church (mostly negatively or mockingly).

Those that were tweeting negatively really bothered me, for some reason.  I don’t know why.  Usually I’m pretty nonchalant when it comes to people who are mocking me and things I care about. I can shrug it off and ignore it and realize that they are just being petty and dumb.  There was one user who was quoting what the General Authorities currently speaking were saying, then commenting negatively on their words.  It was so ridiculous that I replied to him asking “If you are so against this Church, why are you watching Conference?”  It just didn’t make sense.  It reminded me of that quote you often hear about former members of the Church, “They left the Church, but they can’t leave it alone.”  These people have some bee in their bonnet about the Church and just want to sit around and complain until somebody responds.

There were a lot of good messages though.  As always, the complainers were a small minority, but their messages kept getting retweeted until they were the ‘top tweet’ of the day.  But there were a lot of people who were writing what they heard and what they felt.  There were also quite a few who were able to be fun, to make jokes (good-naturedly).  Some of my favorites I copied,

PrincessPeach44 –3yo: “who’s this?” me: “Elder Ballard, he knows Jesus” 3yo: “me too” #ldsconf wish I was childlike.

ladyozma –My boys were just informed they cannot date until after their missions. #evilmomisreallygoodmom #ldsconf

LaurieBee –Pres. Monson sounded like, “I know it’s a recession, but quit bellyaching & count your blessings.” #ldsconf

clothedmuch –Every single one of Brigham Young’s revelations came true and Utah blossomed….but I never want to go back and live there again. #ldsconf

Hobieutah –Again I will contend that it is perfectly appropriate to have a schoolgirl crush on super dreamy German GAs. #ldsconf

These were fun to read in between the spiritual messages of those who spoke.  I firmly believe that God has a great sense of humor.  Humor is so important to us, it has to be important to him.  Humor allows us to deal with things we cannot deal with in any other way, but it also makes us laugh.  For that fact alone, humor is absolutely necessary.  Too often we get caught up with the details and minutiae that we forget that “men are that they might have joy”.

General Conference on Twitter was an interesting experience.  I would never trade it for actually watching and listening to Conference, though.  Unfortunately, I was at work and so Twitter was the only way I had of following Conference, but the talks are all online already.  I will be watching them and discussing them with my wife.

One thought on “General Conference October 2010 follow-up — The Twittersphere

  1. I love Twitter and the Church. Sometimes, it can be a very validating experience that I’m not the only one who makes “blasphemous” quips about General Conference talks.

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