Mormon Monday, Giving God Credit

Just a quick post with some Mormon Monday thoughts.  I am extremely tired this morning, going back to school for the first time in a week, for the first time since I brought my wife and baby home from the hospital.  7:00am came a bit early this morning.  But things are going well.  We're doing … Continue reading Mormon Monday, Giving God Credit

Thanksgiving and a late Writing Wednesday update

Today is Thanksgiving. If you want to know just a few of the things I am thankful for this year, you can read my post from Monday.  To that list I will add: I am thankful that my son slept well last night, so that his mother and I could sleep well.  We really couldn't … Continue reading Thanksgiving and a late Writing Wednesday update

Thanksgiving and Hospital Stays

This week is Thanksgiving and I must be thankful first and foremost for my amazing wife.  She has been wonderful the last several months, enduring unimaginable (to me, at least) discomfort and pain as she brought our son into this world.  For those who are as yet unaware (those few of you who may read … Continue reading Thanksgiving and Hospital Stays

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

"..creeps in this petty pace from day to day."   Well, this post really has nothing to do with Shakespeare or Macbeth, the Scottish Play, but all about tomorrow.  Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th of November, I will most likely become a father. We are scheduled to go into the hospital at 5:30am, and get everything … Continue reading Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Writing Wednesday, Yet another NaNoWriMo update

Yesterday I crossed that magical 30,000 word mark.  This is a wonderful thing, I am now 60% done with this novel.  For me, this is more important than the half-way mark I passed a few days earlier.  Halfway is a hump, but now at this point I'm firmly on the downhill side of things and … Continue reading Writing Wednesday, Yet another NaNoWriMo update

A few thoughts to the TSA and the current Hullaballoo

I'm going to keep this one short, I was going to write about this yesterday when I first heard about it, but I honestly thought it would blow over by today and that it wouldn't be that big of a deal.  But, my Facebook/Twitter pages are still covered in people talking about this, or rather … Continue reading A few thoughts to the TSA and the current Hullaballoo

Mormon Monday, The New Church Handbook

Saturday there was a Worldwide Leadership Training for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where the new Church Handbook of Instruction was introduced.  There was no great change made, no great revelation, no new programs or policies introduced, and yet it was quite an impressive meeting.  What there was was a refocusing of … Continue reading Mormon Monday, The New Church Handbook

Germany, November, and Remembrance

November is a very interesting month.  For a lot of the English speaking world 11 November is Armistice Day, Veteran's Day, or Remembrance Day.  These holidays remember and honor WWI and those who fought in that brutal, bloody war. In Germany the 11th is not a holiday, but this week is still important for another couple of reasons, … Continue reading Germany, November, and Remembrance

Mormon Monday, or Time is Money, afterall.

An interesting thought hit me the other day when I was thinking about everything that I needed to do last week and all of the time that I had in which to get it done.  Time is a very finite thing, there is only so much of it, and yet I found, as I went … Continue reading Mormon Monday, or Time is Money, afterall.