Mormon Monday: The Church and Technology

One thing I have loved about working tech support for the Church is seeing how the Church has grown in its use of modern technology.  The Church has had a website for a long time now, but I don’t think they have really understood how to use it well.  But in the last few years the Church has made huge strides in increasing its online presence.

The internet is a wonderful tool and can be used for great good in promoting the Gospel.  I have absolutely loved watching how the website has been redone and used in the last few months.  Before this website existed with a lot of links and resources aimed at helping nonmembers learn more about the Church.  But with the new and the I am a Mormon ad campaign, the focus has been on letting members talk about their faith and how the Gospel has been an influence in their lives.  It is also easier to share on blogs, social networking sites, in emails, etc.  Sharing the Gospel can now be done with just a few clicks, with very little effort.

The Church has also embraced YouTube, with several channels of uplifting videos and Conference talks.  These can easily be shared on Facebook or on a blog or wherever you want, and they are a pretty painless way of sharing the Gospel.  A good uplifting Mormon Message can be shared, and your friends can watch and then either ask questions, or not.  Without having to be overbearing, a video shared is a very easy and unobtrusive way.  It is becoming easier and easier for people to stand up and say “This is what I believe in, would you like to learn more?”  It can be as simple as sharing a video, an LDS News story, or a link to your personal profile on (Mine was recently approved and went public. )

I love this Gospel, and as I learn more about technology I am amazed to see how the Church is embracing technology for the purposes of spreading the Gospel.  The Church is also increasing the member’s ability to learn and use the Gospel.  The will be going public on the 10 November, and there are wonderful resources from a better search of Gospel material, a Ward Directory and integrated Map, to a Study Journal application that allows you to highlight and annotate scriptures and talks and store them in one place.

But, with all of this there is one thing to remember.  At work there is a quote from Gordon B. Hinckley.  I don’t remember all of it, but the general idea is, “Our job is not to run computers.  Our job is to help the work of the Church move forward.  Computers can help in that work, but we should not forget our true purpose.”

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