One Hundred Posts! A look backward and forward

This is it, folks!  This is post 100.  I really can’t believe that I’ve written so much, so regularly this last semester, all the while doing school work and work, and even having a baby in November.  But, it has been fun.  I have much enjoyed the opportunity I have had here to write and express my though — gathering and organizing those thoughts in the process.   And I have enjoyed all of your comments.  That, to me, is what makes a blog worth reading – the discussion in the comments.  I love communal discourse, I love discussing things with others, hearing your opinions and explaining mine to come up with some sort of lively discourse.  And I am glad that the comments have been kept positive and not gone angry.

I am also, at this time, very relieved.  I met with a professor on campus yesterday to discuss my academic future.  The verdict: I can graduate next December.  In a year I can be done with college — my undergraduate experience, at least.  I plan on going to grad school and getting a Master’s and eventually a PhD. in Germanics, all the while teaching German at the collegiate level.  That is my goal in life, that has long been my goal.  Ever since high school I have wanted to have a PhD in some subject, and teach at a college or University.  I love being a scholar, and with the experience I had this semester of presenting a paper I had written, I am really looking forward to becoming a professor!

As it stands now, I have registered for 14 credits for this next semester, starting in January, and then I will have only 14 credits left to graduate, which includes a 3 credit class that is designed to help me write my capstone paper.  I am excited about this.  I can see the end, and while it is a little scary – since now I will have to start looking into Grad schools, filling out applications, taking tests, like the GRE, and then wait until I find out where my future will take me.

But it is nice knowing that my future has a plan.  I know where I am going and I know how to get there.  I have (and have had) wonderful professors who have helped and inspired me.  I look forward to joining them in the field of academia.  I am grateful that they have treated me almost as an equal, as a colleague who can make valuable contributions to the field of study, while still working and helping me to know what they have already learned.

I love knowing that I have a future, especially at this time, with my newborn son, where so many things are unknown.  I am feeling very confident in this course I have laid for myself.  I like knowing where I am going.  The future is so bright, “I gotta wear shades!”

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