My Last Day

Today, after three years, is my last day at my job.  But not really.  I’m just changing departments really.  I have spent the last three years working for BYU-OIT providing tech support for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,  but with some restructuring that is going on, starting next week I will still be working for BYU-OIT, but in supporting BYU.  I will basically be doing the same thing, just with a different client base, instead of Church employees, missionaries, and members I will be supporting BYU employees, professors, students and potential students.  I’m excited about this, actually.

It will be sad not to come to the same office anymore, and I probably won’t see any of my coworkers unless I randomly run into them on campus.  I will miss working for the Church, providing help to Missionaries and Church employees worldwide.  I have had some wonderful experiences, helping missions report their baptism numbers, helping a secretary prepare a report for the First Presidency, working with the members in Germany.  It has been fun.  And I have learned a whole lot in the last three years.

When I started I had very limited computer skills.  I could use my computer and do most of what I wanted, but that was all.  I was hired because I could speak German and the center was considering supporting German.   I have learned a lot about computers that I have been able to use in my own life, as I have rebuilt a couple of computers and upgraded my laptop.  But mostly what I have learned is how to think, how to troubleshoot, how to find and fix problems when you have no clue what’s going wrong.   As XKCD so beautifully explained, most of tech support is just trying things and seeing what works.

That is the skill that I have learned most, how to think things through to find the answer.  Life is not about knowing everything, it’s about knowing how to find the information you need.  I have loved being a trainer these last couple of years, helping new employees learn what they need to know in order to help support our customers, and the most important thing I have taught is KCS or Knowledge Management:  retaining the knowledge that we have learned collectively in order to benefit everyone.

I am sad to leave, but I am excited to go on and learn new things, and have new experiences.  I am in a good position as I start working in this new department, I am already familiar with many of the  programs and applications and procedures that are used in supporting customers.

It is also impressive that I have been able to keep this job for so long, and technically I am not changing jobs, I am just being reassigned to a new department of BYU-OIT. Which means that I will have worked for BYU-OIT from the time I started at BYU until I graduate, four years with the same student job.  I am surprised I was able to last this long, but I’m glad, sine I really don’t like job hunting.

So, as the new year starts, I start a new job and a new semester at school, and before this next year is over, I will have my degree and be done with BYU as I start looking into grad schools.  This will be quite a year for me, planning where I want to spend the next couple of years with my family while I continue my education and keep progressing toward my academic and professional goals.

It’s been a fun year, hasn’t it?  This next on’es gonna be great!

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