It’s been a long, busy week

This week I started at my new job on Tuesday and classes started on Wednesday.  So I’ve been pretty busy.  But it’s been fun.  I am really enjoying work at my new job, at the BYU Service Desk, it is very similar to working for the Global Service Desk for the Church.  We use many of the same policies and procedures and some of the same tools, but the applications and programs and the customers that we support are very different.  I have been fast tracked and rushed through the training, since I do have a lot of experience with tech support, having completed the first five days of training in three.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but I’ll get the hang of things when I’m actually taking calls and learning this stuff hands-on.  I’m a big fan of ‘learning by doing’, learning as you are thrown into the situation where you need to develop the skills.  And with a lot of tech support, a basic understanding of how computers works and troubleshooting techniques is sufficient to solve the problems.  I have been able to help those training me with their calls occasionally, as I have had experience with certain issues that they have not, such as adding a network printer, something I did almost every other week back at the GSD.

I love learning new things, being exposed to new situations, new technologies, new opportunities to expand my knowledge.  And with that, I am enjoying my classes.  I am in two German classes, two English classes and a Family History research class.  This should be a fun semester.  The only thing is that I have a German class, then an English class, then another German class and then my other English class.  It will be fun switching back and forth between these two languages, but it shouldn’t cause too many problems.

There has been no real homework as of yet, just reading the introductory chapters of the textbooks and basic background information.  I hope that I will be able to maintain a solid schedule, make the time for the homework that will come, as well as for my family and my other obligations, including this blog.  I like writing, I like being able to express my opinions, my thoughts, and hearing others’ responses.  So I will strive to write at least twice a week, we’ll see how that schedule works out.  It will be nice to be able to spend Saturdays at home with my family, something I have not ever had, since Tiffany has worked every Saturday until our little James was born.  That will be nice and is something I am looking forward to.

All in all, I am excited for this coming semester.  Mostly because it means that I only have one more when this one is done before I graduate!  I am dangerously close to becoming a productive member of society, but I think I can stall that for a few more years while I go to grad school and continue to rack up the student debt.  Here’s to a glorious future!

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