“Because I’m clever!” An analysis of the Doctor

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I love the Doctor.  I love the Doctor because of who he  is.  I love the way he solves his problems, and it all boils down to that one line, “because I’m clever!”

When the Doctor finds himself in a situation that seem impossible, when there it seems like there is no way out, the Doctor is clever.  He is able to think under pressure, to calculate all of the possibilities and find the one that works.  He has vast knowledge and experience that helps him save the day, but in the end it is his intelligence that makes him a hero.

I am drawn to the Doctor more than to other heroes because of this fact.  A lot of the other heroes seem to be heroes arbitrarily or mostly by luck.  Look at Harry Potter.  He survives and defeats Voldemort mostly through luck or deus ex machina or help from others.  Quirrell cannot touch him because of hist mother’s love, Voldemort cannot kill him in the graveyard because their wands share a core, Harry’s wand acts on its own to protect him when fleeing from Voldemort at the beginning of the seventh book, and even at the very end Voldemort only becomes vulnerable because of the help of Ron, Hermione, and Neville in destroying horcruxes.   Harry does very little on his own, it is repeatedly mentioned how average he is in school, his spellwork is not that impressive compared to others.  Harry is not that impressive as far as heroes go,  but the Doctor does things on his own, saving the world with his own cleverness.

The Doctor is a hero because of who he is and what he does.  It is his own intelligence that helps him solve the problems that arise.  As I watch the Doctor, I find myself drawn to him, wishing to emulate him, to be the person that others can count on to be clever and solve problems with their intelligence.  I like being the guy who knows the answers, the guy who can help others.  I am reminded of the clip from The West Wing with the President and Josh Lyman.

I love what the President says there, “You want to be the guy the guy counts on.”  That is how I feel about myself.  I like being the person who has the knowledge, who has the answers, and who can help.  I guess it’s not surprising that I work tech support and am seeking a job in the field of education.  I am fascinated by knowledge.  And that is why I love the Doctor — his knowledge is his greatest asset.  His superpower is the fact that he’s clever, and that gives me something to shoot for.

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