While the wife’s away …

… things are actually quite lonely and boring.   But I make do.  Thursday morning, I dropped my wife and son off at the airport  to fly back to Ohio for 2 1/2 weeks, and I have been home alone ever since.  What have I been doing with myself?    Lots of really nerdy things!

1. Installed Linux — After reading this week’s Night School articles over on Lifehacker about Linux, and having heard so much about it from friends and colleagues, I thought I’d give it a try.  I downloaded a version called Linux Mint, which is supposed to be a great version for beginners to learn on, and I played around with it for a while.  At first I installed it as a dual boot with my Windows 7 still installed, but after playing around with it for several hours and seeing that it can do just about everything I need it to, and for things that it can’t do, it offers Windows solutions (either WINE, or VirtualBox, where I can install Windows 7 on a virtual machine), I went ahead and installed Linux as the main OS on my laptop.

I have to admit, it was a lot simpler than I had thought, and I am very impressed with it.  Installing Linux even fixed a few problems that I thought were hardware related.  My trackpad, when I first got this laptop, had the ability to scroll vertically and horizontally by using the edges of the trackpad, but that stopped working about a year ago.  It was no big deal, but it was nice.  When I installed Linux, not only did the scrolling work again, but even better, I was able to enable two-finger scrolling as well!  I like this a whole lot better!

2.  Netflix!  What would I do without Netflix?  I have been watching shows that my wife wouldn’t let me, nothing raunchy or anything like that, just shows that she wasn’t interested in because she is not as nerdy as I am.  Shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender!  I really like

I think this pretty much sums up their relationship.

this show, it is remarkably well written for what is ostensibly a children’s cartoon.  I really enjoy the story, but I find myself enjoying the characters much more, especially Iroh.  He’s got to be my favorite character, particularly his relationship with his nephew Zuko.

Where Zuko is young, rash, impatient, angry, and powerful — much like the fire that he can manipulate, Iroh is older and wiser, calmer, much more in control of himself, and thus the world around him.  Zuko is very much like a flame that burns hot and can destroy without warning, but Iroh is like an older fire, smoldering slowly, hiding a hidden strength that can flare up at any moment.  And he’s funny.  He has learned to enjoy life no matter what.

And just for fun, here is the greatest song you will ever hear:

The show also has incredible depth at times and can evoke great emotion.  Check out this short clip and try not to cry.

2 thoughts on “While the wife’s away …

  1. hey!! seth and i absolutley loveeeee the last airbender!!! but never ever ever watch the movie it sucks!!!

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