General Conference: April 2011

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This year was the first time in three years that I did not have to work during General Conference weekend. That was nice.  I was able to stay home and watch Conference with my wife and son.   As I did last year, I followed #ldsconf on Twitter, which was nice and helpful filling in blanks in the talks that I missed.  I really enjoy following Conference on Twitter while I watch it because I find it interesting to see what other people are feeling and thinking about.

It was also helpful since, due to my son deciding to scream very loudly, I wasn’t able to hear everything.  As I tweeted,

Trying to listen to #ldsconf talk about the joy of children over the screaming of my own. But I do love him.

It was a great conference, though.  And I am especially grateful to modern technology for making it possible for me to follow along the key points of the messages, even when I could not hear every word.  And, the video and audio for the talks are online already.  That is impressive.  They get quicker every year.  And so, I paid less attention to the actual words spoken, knowing that the text will be online within the week, and I paid attention to what impressions I felt.  I used my twitter feed to post quotes and ideas that I found insightful, and to retweet other’s posts.  For me tweeting was a form of taking notes, of documenting what I heard and was impressed by.

But my real study of General Conference will come as my wife and I review these talks from Conference.  I want to use this as Family Home Evening for the next 6 months. There are 34 talks, by my count, and there are 27 weeks until next Conference, so we should be able to relisten to all of the talks if we double up a few of the shorter ones.

But Twitter is not just about uplifting and inspiring messages (though that is its primary function), those of us who follow #ldsconf on the Twittersphere tend to have a great sense of humor.  Here are some of my favorite tweets from this weekend.


Does Elder Perry look a little like the guy in Up? #LDSConf


I think my #ldsconf stream is lagging, so from now on if everyone could add a #spoiler tag to their comments I would appreciate it.


RT @cranberryfries: Hearing Pres Uchdorf say his own name it sounds very different than how I say it 🙂 #ldsconf #mormon #lds


RT @misterfweem: The six-year-old just voted in opposition to some of the Seventy. Whom do I need to contact? #ldsconf


Cecil O. Samuelson, #BYU President, is not wearing #jimmerjersey at #ldsconf. Not even a mention of #jimmer. Good talk, though.


I think I could create Uchtdorf At The Podium calendar and you ladies would snap it up. #ldsconf


LOL! RT @SnoWhite37: My mother: “Singles wards are going to be half the size next week…if they obey the prophets.” –my mom.#LDSConf


Me: “Who is this speaking?” My Korean wife: “Elder Diablo.” Me: “I’m pretty sure it isn’t.” #LDSConf


I want to follow the prophet. What’s his username? #LDSconf

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