Internet, Identity, and Temporary Popularity

The advent of the internet has completely changed the way we think about identity and fame.  It is now so easy to be instantly famous worldwide, and yet still be completely unknown.  Take, for example, the following: Who are these two guys?  You probably recognize them as the Star Wars Kid and the Numa Numa … Continue reading Internet, Identity, and Temporary Popularity

Update on my Life

So, things have been happening in my life lately.  And I realize that I have not done too many personal posts on this blog.  Well, here goes.   Life is actually going really great.  I took the GRE yesterday, and I think I did very well.  They are coming out with a new version of … Continue reading Update on my Life

Mormon Monday: The Fundamentals of What I Believe

As I mentioned in a post last week, my wife and I have been reading through Preach My Gospel: A guide for missionary service.  This is the handbook that full-time missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints use as they find and teach those who are looking to know more about Jesus … Continue reading Mormon Monday: The Fundamentals of What I Believe

Mormons and Language Learning

I remember an experience I had in my High School German class.  There were some recruiters from the Army Language School that came and gave a presentation to the foreign language classes at my high school, trying to encourage us to learn a foreign language and show us the benefit and possible careers we could … Continue reading Mormons and Language Learning