Update on my Life

So, things have been happening in my life lately.  And I realize that I have not done too many personal posts on this blog.  Well, here goes.


Life is actually going really great.  I took the GRE yesterday, and I think I did very well.  They are coming out with a new version of the GRE so I was able to get a good deal; by taking it during August or September they offered my half-off the price.  I won’t get my official scores until November, but they did give me an estimate using the old grading scale, so that I have something to reference.  And looking up average GRE scores I am somewhat above average.  And looking at average GRE scores for the three Universities I am looking into for grad school, I am right at or above average.  So, I’m feeling good about that.  My GPA isn’t where I would like it, but I was playing with some GPA calculators online yesterday, and if I do really well this semester I can bring it up nicely.

So, I am looking into grad schools.  The top choice is OSU (The Ohio State University).  That would just be great, it’s a prestigious school with a great German department and in Columbus, OH where my wife’s family all is.  I am also looking at University of Wisconsin at Madison because they have a really great Linguistics and German department and it’s not too far from my parents in Illinois or Tiffany’s family in Ohio.  A third choice is University of Washington because they are a well-known school with a solid German program, and I grew up in the Seattle area and would absolutely love to be able to go back.

Right now, Tiffany and I are gathering all of the information we need to apply to these schools, looking at the requirements and creating a large spreadsheet/checklist to keep track of everything.  But that’s coming along nicely.  I just have one more semester of my undergraduate studies left, finishing up the last of the requirements for the GEs and for my major and minor.  I am actually kind of looking forward to the Anthropology class I am taking for the Social Science GE requirement, that should be fun.  And I am taking a class in American Folklore as the last class I need for my English minor.

Tiffany has officially ended her undergraduate career.  She had her last meeting with a professor today, and will walk in graduation on Friday!  Since I graduate in December, but BYU does not have graduation ceremony in December, I am also walking with her.  She picked up our caps and gowns today in preparation for that.

Also, she sold back her textbook today, a textbook that we bought online for about $30, but the BYU Bookstore bought it for $42!  That’s not bad.


And James is doing great.  Crawling all over the place, using anything he can find to pull himself up to his feet.  Tiffany has a blog with some great videos of our little boy over at tertipes.posterous.com.  We are definitely going to get some pictures of him in a little BYU shirt with Tiffany and I in our gowns.  Should be some really cute family photos!

2 thoughts on “Update on my Life

  1. You should definitely expand your list of schools to include Duke or the University of North Carolina. That way you guys could be close to us!

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