Mormon Monday: Preparing for General Conference

General Conference may cause uncontrollable smiling.

With the semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints coming up next weekend, Mormons everywhere are preparing to hear the words of modern Prophets and Apostles of Jesus Christ.  This is a wonderful time of the year when millions gather to hear what the Lord would tell them through the mouths of his appointed servants.

And as I ponder what I may learn as Conference approaches, I am reminded of what I learned six months ago.

Technology is so impressive lately that the videos and text of the General Conference address are online usually within a week.  I used to take notes during General Conference, scribbling in notebooks, hurriedly trying to write down the phrases and sentences that I heard, as if I were taking transcription.  With the full text available a week later, this is not only unnecessary, but redundant.  Instead, I have taken to writing the impressions I feel as I watch Conference; those whisperings of the spirit that can be unrelated to the actual words being said.

These are more important than anything else, in my opinion.  This is the personal message that God has in store for me.  And so, I find myself writing less what I actually hear, and more what I think about what I’ve heard, and what I feel I should do or change about my life because of what I’ve heard.

And because I’m also kind of a nerd, I live-tweet General Conference.  I really enjoy following General Conference on Twitter, it’s not only about what I found interesting or applicable, but what others found moving as well.  It is a very fascinating approach to socializing General Conference.  I live-tweet and re-tweet those tweets I enjoyed, then I copy and paste all of my tweets from the two days of General Conference into a word document and eventually a blog post.  It is fun to see what I thought was interesting or funny (there are a lot of people making jokes, and not just about Mormons, during General Conference).

So, that is what I shall be doing next weekend.  If you would like to live-tweet along with me, I’ll be on Twitter all weekend, @dteeps.  Come say hi!

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