10 Things I Hate about Utah: Why I love Ranting

David Mitchell's Soapbox

I started writing a play a few years ago, 10 Things I Hate About  Utah, where one character had monologues throughout, of varying lengths, wherein he complained about things he hated about Utah.   It was a fun, cathartic piece, and allowed me to vent about all of the things that I found annoying moving to Utah to attend BYU.

I have also recently found a series of web videos by one of my favorite British comedians, David Mitchell, called David Mitchell’s Soapbox, where David Mitchell sits around and rants on some subject or another for 3-5 minutes.

Thinking about these two experiences recently I began to realize that I enjoy a good rant, and a good rant can be not only entertaining, but beneficial as well. It just feels good to have a nice long rant where you complain and yell and moan about the thing that is currently bothering you.  As I mentioned earlier, it is, in a way, cathartic.  Ranting allows  you to work through all your feelings and then move on.  Everybody should have a good rant every now and again.

But, one must also be aware of possible negative side effects of ranting too much.  David Mitchell plays it for comedic effect, and he seems to do this kind of ranting where ever he goes, on multiple British comedy shows he will start ranting about random subjects, all of them hilarious.  But, I would be hesitant about trying to emulate him in that regard.  As you start complaining and ranting about things that you hate, things that bother you, things that you find annoying, you begin to find more and more things that you can rant about, and soon all you can see are the negative things in life.

That is one thing that I dislike about much of modern stand-up comedy.  They complain so much about everything.  Yes, that’s funny, it’s an easy way to make a joke, to get a laugh, and they’ve been doing it from the very beginning of comedy. But, I fear that it may be turning us into a society that focuses so much on negative things and forgets that there is much humor and funnyness in the good things of life.

As much as I enjoy a good rant, I see that as I concentrate on the things that annoy me in life, the things that I Hate about Utah, I only find myself getting angrier and angrier more and more often.  I love a good laugh, but I think we should start trying to find people who are able to make us laugh because they are generally funny and not just because they make us feel awkward or because they point things we hate, or because they put themselves down.


But, that’s enough ranting from me.

One thought on “10 Things I Hate about Utah: Why I love Ranting

  1. I was wondering how this post would go by its title. Tho’ I can count many the ways Utah annoys me, in the end it’s only temporary relief.

    So much humour is cheaply crude, negative, plaintive, or intellectually stagnant, and it’s sad that so many comedies take the easy way out. What happened to the golden age of Chaplin or the Marx Brothers?

    I’ll watch one of that caliber if you write it. ;^)

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