NaNoWriMo: 2011

I very much enjoyed doing NaNoWriMo last year, it was a wonderful experience being able to write and organize a story and to accomplish something amazing in just a month.  NaNoWriMo taught me that if I take the time, and make the effort, I can accomplish great things.

I really wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo this year again, but, unfortunately I do not think I will be able to.  This semester is my last of my undergraduate career and I really need to focus on my classwork, including the capstone paper that I need to write.  I have already presented the research at the Utah Foreign Language Association Conference held on 3 November, but BYU’s German department requires a written paper.

And so that is where I am at in November.  I think I will try to use the social pressure of writing every day to help me get motivated to write this paper, because that is what I am lacking right now: motivation.  I have already presented the paper, I have been doing this research for over a year now, and have used parts of this research in writing papers for three different classes already.  I am still excited by the concepts and the implications of my research, and it was wonderful being able to present it to a group of teachers at the UFLA conference.  It was very well received, and several came up to my professor and me afterwards asking if they could get more in-depth training on the concepts we covered.

So, I will continue writing this paper, which at this point is just putting on paper what information I have already gathered.  I will work on making it the best writing I can and hopefully I will be able to submit it to some academic journals, maybe Unterrichtspraxis? That would be nice.  We’ll see.

As for NaNoWriMo, I have some ideas that need fleshing out a bit, but I just don’t have time in November, and probably not in December.  I was thinking that I might make my own NaNoWriMo in January or February (It does have 29 days this next year).  We’ll see what happens in the new year.

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