Have you heard yet? We’re raising awareness

If there is one thing I don’t quite understand, it is this whole concept of “raising awareness”.  There are all of these campaigns to raise awareness of different diseases, like breast cancer.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand how important and dangerous breast cancer is, I just don’t understand what the point of raising awareness is.  I am aware of breast cancer, I know that it exists, and I’m pretty sure most people are, as well.  I doubt there are very many people who, when seeing your bright pink t-shirt, are going to ask, “What is that all about? Breast Cancer?  Never heard of it.”

I will admit that when the breast cancer campaigned raised awareness of male breast cancer, that was a good thing.  There are quite a few cases each year of men being diagnosed with breast cancer, something I have never thought about before.  But, because of an awareness campaign I was made aware. Thank you, I am now informed and slightly concerned.

But, there has been so much media coverage of breast cancer and autism and diabetes, I don’t think we need any more awareness campaigns.  What we need now are campaigns designed to raise funding so that these diseases can be studied and  a cure found.  I have nothing against the marathons or 5k events or anything else used to raise money. That is what we need, not more awareness.  I will gladly participate in a fundraising campaign or in any campaign that can help combat these diseases, but please don’t ask me to help you raise awareness.  Unless we’re raising awareness of something that people really, truly are not aware of.  Like deadly, flesh-eating cooties, or something like that.

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