General Conference October 2013 – Saturday Sessions Summary

Today was the 183rd Semi-Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  There were three two-hour sessions, including Priesthood session, where all who wanted to listen were taught by Apostles of Jesus Christ and other leaders of the Church.


After sitting through today’s six hours of enlightenment, I was thinking about what I had heard and learned and I came up with the following as a summary of what was said and taught today, as best as I can remember, or as far as I was impressed to take the messages to heart.


Reach out; care for each other in these troubled times.  Do not let others be strangers or foreigners, but remember we are all brothers and sisters as children of God with divine potential.  We need each other, men and women to do this work.  The future will be difficult, we need to be mindful of depression, to avoid it in ourselves, but be aware of it in others.  Reach out and help, and if we find ourselves afflicted, reach out and seek the necessary help from all sources.  Rise up each time you fall, falling is part of mortality, but so is rising again, looking forward with hope and trust in the promises of the Gospel.


There were many amazing talks given today, many wonderful messages shared.  I once again followed along with the hashtag #ldsconf on Twitter, retweeting many and adding my own thoughts and impressions to the mix.  It is so great to get together and share with each other what we are feeling.  I am looking forward to many more uplifting and powerful spiritual experiences tomorrow, and throughout the next six months as I review the messages given this weekend.

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