Update on my life

I am just looking at my blog and realizing that I have not posted in almost four months.  Things have been busy for us lately, with the biggest news that we have moved across the country — from Columbus, Ohio to Seattle, Washington.

I grew up in Renton, WA and we have been trying to find our way back to the Seattle area for several years now, but haven’t had any luck in finding a job.  I have applied for anything I could find that was even remotely related to what I want to do and what I have experience in, but haven’t heard back from hardly any of them, even the jobs I was more than qualified for.  In reading several job search sites and speaking with friends I learned that many companies do not like to hire from out of state, and often will not even look at candidates who are not local.  Especially in Seattle in the technical support industry, which is what I am looking at.  They have enough local applicants that they do not want to bother with the hassle of interviewing and hiring someone from out of state.  I have heard that some companies in Seattle do not even look at applicants if they live on the wrong side of the city, fearing the commute may be too much or some other factor may keep the employee from taking the job or staying long, I guess.

So, after a couple years of hearing nothing from Seattle and with the knowledge that jobs would respond better if we actually lived in Seattle, we decided to just move.  We began looking into the logistics of moving from Ohio to Seattle and started planning it. Our current landlord wanting to raise the rent significantly in our apartment and then having some friends in Seattle say they had a house they rented out a few rooms in where we could stay with them helped make the decision for us.  

It was quite a month, boxing everything up, organizing a yard sale to get rid of excess items and bring in some money to help with the move, and getting everything else settled to move across the country, but we did it.  And then we took five days to drive the 2600 miles, having a slight problem with our radiator and overheating as we were towing a full U-Haul trailer over the mountains in 100 degree weather.

But, we arrived safely and had wonderful help getting the trailer unloaded and now we have been working om getting all of the boxes unpacked and things put in their new place.  I have been looking for a job here in Seattle, and have had a couple of promising interviews.  But one last great thing happened a week before we left Ohio.  I had already put in my notice at work and was preparing to leave, when my manager approached me and asked if I had a job lined up in Seattle yet.  I told him I didn’t yet, and he asked if I wanted to keep working for Ohio State remotely.  I could take the laptop and log in remotely to keep working for the University to help them through the beginning of the fall semester, which is the busiest time of year for a university help desk.  So, I have still had a job and continue to have a job with OSU through September giving us much needed time and income to get on our feet and search for a job out here.  

We are doing well and enjoying Seattle so far. I have been driving around trying to take in all of the changes that have occurred in the ten years since I lived here and showing off my favorite places to my family for us all to enjoy now.  We are equally excited to see what comes next for our family, now that we are finally living in the great Pacific Northwest where we have wanted to be for so long. 

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