Thoughts on General Conference October 2015

These are just some thoughts I wrote after watching and enjoying the October 2015 General Conference.  It was a wonderful, spiritual experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the thoughts and impressions I had.  I look forward to having the text of these talks and studying them more in depth to glean even more from them. I encourage everyone to check out the Church’s website in the coming days for these amazing talks, sure to uplift and embolden the spirit.

There was a lot of emphasis on the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, on reading and studying the scriptures and praying.  Pres. Uchtdorf reminded us to simplify and to rejoice in the simplicity that is in Christ.  There are so many things that we allow into our lives that are eternally unnecessary.  

Remember the testimony you have experienced and commit to move forward in the strength of that testimony.   Elder Holland taught beautifully of the power of motherly love.  I remember what my mother said to me in the celestial room of the Seattle temple that first time I went – “I have waited a long time to see you here” I believe that our Father in Heaven says the same thing when we attend his holy temple, and will say the same thing when we meet him after this life.
President Eyring during Priesthood session taught that the Lord will bless his priesthood holders when they faithfully fulfill their duties.  I need to reach out more, be kinder and friendlier, speak less harshly,  I need to make friends in the Elder’s Quorum and at work.  And then in the spirit of love and friendship I can bear honest and simple testimony and invite freely to come closer to Christ.

And President Monson again reminded us of the basics of the Gospel – Keep the commandments, in this there is safety and peace.   It really is that simple.  As we keep the commandments that the Lord has given us through his Prophets and Apostles we will be blessed with safety and peace.  We can know that the commandments are truly given us from our loving Father in Heaven as we read and study in the scriptures and pray and seek the Holy Spirit.  And we will gain the spiritual strength necessary to enable us to keep the commandments.

Repeated throughout the Conference was the counsel to observe the Sabbath Day, to increase our worship.  We were also asked to ‘ponderize’ a scripture a week.  This will certainly help us “always remember Him” which will guarantee us the promise of always having his spirit be with us.  That spirit will in turn help us gain more from our Sabbath worship and our scripture study, as well as help us resist the temptation that comes.  We remember that the Lord is at the head of this Church, he leads and guides the leaders of this Church whom he has called.   We may complain about them and what they say, but these are the men whom he has called and prepared.   They stand as witnesses of Christ and reach out to the entire world with his message of peace and love.  As we give heed to their counsel we will be blessed as we obey the commandments of God given us through these Prophets and Apostles.

For me, the take-away of General Conference is that I need to take a step back and begin again doing those basic things that help us develop a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I need daily prayer, sincere prayer and conversation with my Father in Heaven.  I need daily scripture study which is more than just reading a few words on a digital screen.  I need to truly “always remember him” so that I can claim the promised blessing of always having his spirit to be with me.   And with his spirit I can do all things.  I can find the spiritual strength and power to keep the commandments, to reach out with love to my brothers and sisters, in the Church and out of it, and fulfill those priesthood responsibilities that I have been assigned.   I do not like Home Teaching, not because I do not enjoy going into the homes of those my brethren in the Elder’s Quorum to share a Gospel message, but because I become anxious when talking to people I do not know in order to schedule an appointment.   I guess it is just the initial fear of contact, if I had an established monthly appointment, I would have no problem doing my Home Teaching each month, but I fear and stop when I am asked to talk to someone I do not know and do not have an established relationship with.   Seeking and maintaining the companionship of the Holy Ghost will help me overcome these misguided fears and allow me to reach out in love and in the true spirit of Home Teaching to care for my brethren in the quorum and their families.   

What did you enjoy about this General Conference? What thoughts impressed you? What do you plan to change because of what you heard and felt?

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