Father’s Day 2017

“As soon as we learn the true relationship in which we stand toward God (namely, God is our Father, and we are His children), then at once prayer becomes natural and instinctive on our part”

On this Father’s Day I am, of course, greatly appreciative of my dad and the many things he has done for me and taught me. I am sure that I do not know many of the personal sacrifices he made for me and for our family. But the greatest gift I received from my dad is faith in his Eternal Father. My parents were married a few weeks earlier then originally planned, and so just a few hours after they were married they were in attendance at Stake Conference. When their friends asked why they were at Stake Conference when they had just been married, and my parents replied, “Isn’t this where we are supposed to be?”

My dad has always been an example to me if doing what is right, being where you are supposed to be. He worked evenings often coming home after midnight when he worked Saturdays, but he still woke up early Sunday morning for church meetings for years as he served as a Ward Clerk. I remember he and I getting ready for an early morning Stake Priesthood meeting and we were the first to arrive at the Stake Center because my dad and I both have a (good or bad) habit of ensuring that we are on time by getting ready ridiculously early.

My dad has taught me so much just by being so he is. He is always willing to help anyone who needs it, spending so much time working and serving others.

I also remember learning that my dad knew more than I thought he did. In school, my dad stopped helping me with my math homework when I started Algebra. He did not know why there needed to be letters in math. So, I had in the back of my mind this little idea that dad did not know math, that I was somehow smarter, knew more than he did. Then in high school when I was doing some calculus homework my dad glanced over my shoulder and mentioned that he knew his to do that, angles and such. He had taken some bomb navigation classes in the Air Force and could do this complicated calculus, even though he did not do well with simpler algebra. The abstract, theory-oriented, algebra equations did not make sense to him, but the practical application of calculus allowed his to see the purpose of this equations and calculate them.

He is an example to me of the fact that people are individuals and everyone has things they can help each other with, things they know that others don’t. Together in this life we help each other learn and grow.

I have learned so much more about my father and my Father in Heaven since becoming a father myself. I am so grateful for the experience this year brought me and the understanding of the nature of eternal fatherhood. God is our loving Father in Heaven and his plan for his children allows us to be with our families forever, to grow and to become as He is. Of all of the titles that rightly belong to God, the Almighty, Supreme Being, Creator, Omniscient and Omnipotent, he chooses to be called Father.

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