Open Source Education

Open Source Education is an idea that I came up with a few years ago as part of an English class at BYU.  It was a Shakespeare class and the professor was very into digital media and social media and new technologies in the classroom.  Instead of writing a research paper that would only ever get read … Continue reading Open Source Education

Bilingualism and the Republican primary process

Just when I thought the Republican primary process was becoming sensible a new ad surfaces from the Newt Gingrich campaign attacking Mitt Romney, and the best line of the ad? That would be, "And just like John Kerry — he speaks French, too." There is another ad that has been making the rounds, which encourages people … Continue reading Bilingualism and the Republican primary process

Conference Presentation, take two: On German Linguistics

Last October I had an opportunity to present a paper at BYU's conference on Literature and Belief.  That was my first experience in academia, presenting at a conference, being a real scholar.   Next week I have the chance to do it again. The Utah Foreign Language Association (UFLA) conference is being held at Utah … Continue reading Conference Presentation, take two: On German Linguistics

What the future holds

Monday evening, as part of BYU's German Week, I listened to a Fireside / FHE from Elder Kopischke, who is currently serving as the Area President for the Church's Europe Area.  As part of this fireside, he took questions, and someone asked him how he chose his career path ans what he had learned as … Continue reading What the future holds

German Pirate Party

In the State of Berlin there were local elections this last week with some very surprising results.  The Free Democratic Party, which is one of the two parties in the national coalition, lost tremendously, only getting 2% of the vote and losing their seats in the House of Representatives in Berlin.  But, more surprising is … Continue reading German Pirate Party

Mormons and Language Learning

I remember an experience I had in my High School German class.  There were some recruiters from the Army Language School that came and gave a presentation to the foreign language classes at my high school, trying to encourage us to learn a foreign language and show us the benefit and possible careers we could … Continue reading Mormons and Language Learning

The sad decline of foreign language programs

I read a very sad news article today.  Well, sad only to linguists and Germanophiles like me, probably.  The Saddleback Valley Unified School District in California has become the latest in a long list of school districts to seriously cut back their foreign language program, eliminating their German program completely. The article states, "According to … Continue reading The sad decline of foreign language programs

NaNoWriMo Principles at Work

Last November I participated in NaNoWriMo, and I actually won!  Which means that I wrote 50,000 words in a 30-day period.  That still boggles my mind.  And as I have thought about it I have come to a few conclusions as to how it was possible that I could write so much in so short … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Principles at Work

German Humor

There was a recent poll taken with some very interesting results.  Germany is now officially the least funny country.   Why is that?  What is it about Germans or German culture that makes the rest of the world regard them as unfunny?   I have found some German comedians on YouTube and elsewhere that I … Continue reading German Humor