On College Costs: What Can and Should be Done?

The president has been touring this week, holding town hall type meetings at college campuses in New York and Pennsylvania discussing his new plan to help make college more affordable for more people.  When I hear people talk about making college and higher education more affordable, the following thoughts go through my head:   As … Continue reading On College Costs: What Can and Should be Done?

My Thoughts on the Presidential Debate

I was not able to watch the Presidential Debate live as it happened, but I watched most of it the next day.  It was an interesting debate.  I did not like the way either candidate handled himself, there were too many instances of them interrupting each other and the moderator who was trying to facilitate … Continue reading My Thoughts on the Presidential Debate

The President’s Back-to-School Speech

On Tuesday President Obama gave a national address to students, his Back to School speech.  I remember last year when there was unbelievable outrage at the President wanting to speak to students.  He was slammed by opponents and pundits who claimed he was using taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate the youth of the nation.  Many parents … Continue reading The President’s Back-to-School Speech