Mormon Hipsters: How to be Mormon and Not Mormon at the same time

There was a very interesting article in the New York Times yesterday.   It was titled To be Young, Hip, and Mormon.  To be honest, I was a little upset as I read the article, the very premise seemed to be "How to be Mormon and not Mormon at the same time."  Okay, it wasn't … Continue reading Mormon Hipsters: How to be Mormon and Not Mormon at the same time

Conference Presentation, take two: On German Linguistics

Last October I had an opportunity to present a paper at BYU's conference on Literature and Belief.  That was my first experience in academia, presenting at a conference, being a real scholar.   Next week I have the chance to do it again. The Utah Foreign Language Association (UFLA) conference is being held at Utah … Continue reading Conference Presentation, take two: On German Linguistics

What the future holds

Monday evening, as part of BYU's German Week, I listened to a Fireside / FHE from Elder Kopischke, who is currently serving as the Area President for the Church's Europe Area.  As part of this fireside, he took questions, and someone asked him how he chose his career path ans what he had learned as … Continue reading What the future holds

The apparent pointlessness of fire drills

I work tech support for Brigham Young University.  This is a pretty large University, and one that is constantly growing and changing to meet its ever-changing needs.  As such, this summer there has been a lot of construction going on around campus.  Specifically, right outside, and within, the building where I work. Today, for reasons … Continue reading The apparent pointlessness of fire drills

BYU Showcases Senior talent

Last night I had the opportunity of seeing the BFA Senior Showcase at BYU.  I was there on assignment from UTBA (Utah Theater Blogger's Association) as a trial run, hopefully I will be able to see more shows and write about them for UTBA in the future.  Here is what I wrote about last night's … Continue reading BYU Showcases Senior talent

BYU — What does Honor mean?

During the BYU basketball game last night, I checked out Twitter, since I wasn't able to actually watch the game.  I was really only mildly interested in the score, and how BYU was doing, since they have been playing exceptionally well this year.   As most people also already know, BYU suspended one of their starting … Continue reading BYU — What does Honor mean?

My Last Day

Today, after three years, is my last day at my job.  But not really.  I'm just changing departments really.  I have spent the last three years working for BYU-OIT providing tech support for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,  but with some restructuring that is going on, starting next week I will still … Continue reading My Last Day

It’s been a while

So, It has been two weeks since I last posted.  Sorry about that, with the end of classes, finals, my newborn son, and first the mother-in-law and then my mother staying with us to help with said newborn son, things got a little busy. And now we have just a few days until Christmas.  Where … Continue reading It’s been a while

I survived my first scholarly experience!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity of presenting at the Literature and the Sacred Conference at BYU.  I talked about the LDS Plan of Salvation as the Archetype of the Monomyth.  It was a great experience, but, of course, I could have done some things better.   At first I was very nervous, having never presented like … Continue reading I survived my first scholarly experience!

My first public experience as a scholar

    Today I am about to have my first public, official experience as a scholar:  I am presenting a paper at a conference at BYU.  I have written about this before, BYU has a conference on Literature and Belief that meetsyesterday and today, with presentations by different people from various Universities across the nation. … Continue reading My first public experience as a scholar