On Education and Certification

I have been thinking a lot recently about learning and online education and researching subjects for my own benefit.  There are a lot of things that I would like to know, would like to be able to do and there are a lot of resources on the internet to provide the knowledge that I am … Continue reading On Education and Certification

On College Costs: What Can and Should be Done?

The president has been touring this week, holding town hall type meetings at college campuses in New York and Pennsylvania discussing his new plan to help make college more affordable for more people.  When I hear people talk about making college and higher education more affordable, the following thoughts go through my head:   As … Continue reading On College Costs: What Can and Should be Done?

On Turning 27 and what comes after

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 27.  It's not that big of a deal really, but each birthday is special.  It was fun to have a Sunday, a day off work, to spend my birthday with family. I don't really feel any different, though.  I am a little older, a little more responsible, I guess, … Continue reading On Turning 27 and what comes after

Linguistics Fun and Teaching

I have been using some of my free time lately to go back over the capstone paper that I wrote for my undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University.  My degree is in German Linguistics, and the paper was titled, Using Explicit Linguistic Instruction to Improve the Teaching of German as a Foreign Language, sounds fun, … Continue reading Linguistics Fun and Teaching

Conference Presentation, take two: On German Linguistics

Last October I had an opportunity to present a paper at BYU's conference on Literature and Belief.  That was my first experience in academia, presenting at a conference, being a real scholar.   Next week I have the chance to do it again. The Utah Foreign Language Association (UFLA) conference is being held at Utah … Continue reading Conference Presentation, take two: On German Linguistics

What the future holds

Monday evening, as part of BYU's German Week, I listened to a Fireside / FHE from Elder Kopischke, who is currently serving as the Area President for the Church's Europe Area.  As part of this fireside, he took questions, and someone asked him how he chose his career path ans what he had learned as … Continue reading What the future holds

Update on my Life

So, things have been happening in my life lately.  And I realize that I have not done too many personal posts on this blog.  Well, here goes.   Life is actually going really great.  I took the GRE yesterday, and I think I did very well.  They are coming out with a new version of … Continue reading Update on my Life

Mormons and Language Learning

I remember an experience I had in my High School German class.  There were some recruiters from the Army Language School that came and gave a presentation to the foreign language classes at my high school, trying to encourage us to learn a foreign language and show us the benefit and possible careers we could … Continue reading Mormons and Language Learning

The sad decline of foreign language programs

I read a very sad news article today.  Well, sad only to linguists and Germanophiles like me, probably.  The Saddleback Valley Unified School District in California has become the latest in a long list of school districts to seriously cut back their foreign language program, eliminating their German program completely. The article states, "According to … Continue reading The sad decline of foreign language programs

Teacher Tenure, or Who should we keep around?

I read an interesting article in the New York Times yesterday about several governors trying to come up with plans to end teacher tenure.  Or maybe not end it, but reform it. As someone who is studying to be a teacher I find this an interesting subject, but I am not really sure where I … Continue reading Teacher Tenure, or Who should we keep around?