Open Source Education

Open Source Education is an idea that I came up with a few years ago as part of an English class at BYU.  It was a Shakespeare class and the professor was very into digital media and social media and new technologies in the classroom.  Instead of writing a research paper that would only ever get read … Continue reading Open Source Education

The sad decline of foreign language programs

I read a very sad news article today.  Well, sad only to linguists and Germanophiles like me, probably.  The Saddleback Valley Unified School District in California has become the latest in a long list of school districts to seriously cut back their foreign language program, eliminating their German program completely. The article states, "According to … Continue reading The sad decline of foreign language programs

German Humor

There was a recent poll taken with some very interesting results.  Germany is now officially the least funny country.   Why is that?  What is it about Germans or German culture that makes the rest of the world regard them as unfunny?   I have found some German comedians on YouTube and elsewhere that I … Continue reading German Humor

Historical Linguistics, or I am a huge nerd!

I was reading a text yesterday in both English and German and I came across a word that I have never understood completely in English: withstand.   It would seem, from looking at the word, that it would mean "to stand with", but actually, according to, it means "to offer strong resistance or opposition … Continue reading Historical Linguistics, or I am a huge nerd!

What I’m working on.

As I mentioned before, I have been busy. First:  I have finished writing up my paper about the Plan of Salvation and the Monomyth.  I have submitted it to Literature and Belief.  If you would like to read it, here it is: Plan of Salvation as Archetype of the Monomyth.  We'll see if it gets published. … Continue reading What I’m working on.

Wilhelm Shakespeare – Shakespeare in Germany

William Shakespeare is loved the world over, but nowhere near as much as in Germany.  From some simple Google searches on Shakespeare and Germany, I have learned that the oldest Shakespeare Society in the world is German: Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft, founded in 1864, English acting troops brought the Bard to Germany in the early 1700s with performances translated … Continue reading Wilhelm Shakespeare – Shakespeare in Germany

German and the Gospel

    It's another Mormon Monday, and this time I want to talk a bit about German.  I have studied German for a long time, and I have studied the Gospel for even longer.   I have long wondered what German can teach me about the Gospel.  It's not like the Gospel is different in … Continue reading German and the Gospel

Teaching Grammar to Students, or What I’m learning in school right now

I am in an interesting class right now, Teaching English Grammar.  As an  English Teaching minor (in conjunction with my German Teaching major), this is one of the required classes.  Now this class may sound boring, but it is actually far from boring - but then, I'm a nerd! The whole semester we are focusing … Continue reading Teaching Grammar to Students, or What I’m learning in school right now

Why do we learn foreign languages, or Justification for my job

I found a couple of very interesting articles the other day about language learning, and more specifically, Latin learning.  I have always been fascinated by Latin, and wished I could have learned it in school, so I was drawn to this article that said teaching Latin in school can inspire students to want to learn … Continue reading Why do we learn foreign languages, or Justification for my job