What the future holds

Monday evening, as part of BYU's German Week, I listened to a Fireside / FHE from Elder Kopischke, who is currently serving as the Area President for the Church's Europe Area.  As part of this fireside, he took questions, and someone asked him how he chose his career path ans what he had learned as … Continue reading What the future holds

German Pirate Party

In the State of Berlin there were local elections this last week with some very surprising results.  The Free Democratic Party, which is one of the two parties in the national coalition, lost tremendously, only getting 2% of the vote and losing their seats in the House of Representatives in Berlin.  But, more surprising is … Continue reading German Pirate Party

The German Example

There is an article I read the other day in the New York Times, The German Example.  It's in the Business and Finance section, and it mostly focuses on what the United States, and the world, can learn from the way that Germany has handled its economy. Of course, I was drawn to the article … Continue reading The German Example

Finals, And What Comes After

Here at BYU, we are firmly in the middle of Finals week.  I'm not too worried, mine aren't that bad, except for the fact that I had one scheduled at 7:00 am this morning.  but I was done by 8:30, so it's not all bad.  And I only have two other finals, the rest of … Continue reading Finals, And What Comes After

Why do we blog?: Academics and the Internet

I am currently in an English class that is very different from any English class I have ever had before.  We are studying Shakespeare, but instead of a traditional research paper due at the end of the semester, our professor is having us write a research blog. Yes, a blog.  I find this absolutely fascinating. … Continue reading Why do we blog?: Academics and the Internet

BYU — What does Honor mean?

During the BYU basketball game last night, I checked out Twitter, since I wasn't able to actually watch the game.  I was really only mildly interested in the score, and how BYU was doing, since they have been playing exceptionally well this year.   As most people also already know, BYU suspended one of their starting … Continue reading BYU — What does Honor mean?

Wilhelm Shakespeare – Shakespeare in Germany

William Shakespeare is loved the world over, but nowhere near as much as in Germany.  From some simple Google searches on Shakespeare and Germany, I have learned that the oldest Shakespeare Society in the world is German: Deutsche Shakespeare-Gesellschaft, founded in 1864, English acting troops brought the Bard to Germany in the early 1700s with performances translated … Continue reading Wilhelm Shakespeare – Shakespeare in Germany

Germany, November, and Remembrance

November is a very interesting month.  For a lot of the English speaking world 11 November is Armistice Day, Veteran's Day, or Remembrance Day.  These holidays remember and honor WWI and those who fought in that brutal, bloody war. In Germany the 11th is not a holiday, but this week is still important for another couple of reasons, … Continue reading Germany, November, and Remembrance

My response to Sarrazin

Those of you who do not follow German news as closely as I do (which is probably all of you) may be unaware of the hullaballoo that was caused last week when Thilo Sarrazin, a German politician and member of the Executive Board of the Bundesbank, published  a book, Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany is abolishing … Continue reading My response to Sarrazin