On Priesthood and Priesthood Organization

I taught a lesson last Sunday in the Gospel Principles class on Priesthood Organization and it was great to study and think about how to teach about the organization of the Priesthood in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, especially at a time when there seems to be a lot of discussion about the … Continue reading On Priesthood and Priesthood Organization

Mormon Monday: Women and the Church

Let me first apologize for not posting in such a long time. December was busy with finishing up my undergraduate career at BYU, but I did it. I graduated!  And now we are in the middle of preparing to move away from Provo to Columbus, Ohio.  So, life's been busy. But I did read an … Continue reading Mormon Monday: Women and the Church

Mormon Monday: Blessing Children

Yesterday I had the unparalleled experience of blessing my son.  I have long thought about the blessing of children that we do in our wards. First, I find it very interesting that we bless our children when they are babies.  As Mormons we have this idea that we are very different from other religions.  We … Continue reading Mormon Monday: Blessing Children