My Last Day

Today, after three years, is my last day at my job.  But not really.  I'm just changing departments really.  I have spent the last three years working for BYU-OIT providing tech support for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,  but with some restructuring that is going on, starting next week I will still … Continue reading My Last Day

Teaching Shakespeare in the Classroom

Shakespeare has been taught in English classrooms for a long, long time.  Students are also exposed to Shakespeare's plays from an unbelievably early age, it is surprising just how much of what we see daily is based on Shakespeare.  There are so many movies, plays, TV shows, etc. that either reference Shakespeare or are based … Continue reading Teaching Shakespeare in the Classroom

My Complaints about LDS Sunday School, or Teaching in Church.

Coming on the heels of an amazing video I found, where Taylor Mali talks about teaching, using the line, sarcastically,  "The problem with teachers is, what's a kid gonna learn from someone who decided that his best option in life was to become a teacher?", I have been thinking about teaching, especially teaching in Church, … Continue reading My Complaints about LDS Sunday School, or Teaching in Church.