BYU Showcases Senior talent

Last night I had the opportunity of seeing the BFA Senior Showcase at BYU.  I was there on assignment from UTBA (Utah Theater Blogger's Association) as a trial run, hopefully I will be able to see more shows and write about them for UTBA in the future.  Here is what I wrote about last night's … Continue reading BYU Showcases Senior talent

Teaching Shakespeare, or What I learn from Slings and Arrows

There is a wonderful Canadian television show that I was introduced to a few years ago in my Shakespeare class.  The teacher showed us a little clip of the theme song of Slings and Arrows. It's a great show about a Shakespearean Festival producing plays, but more than that, it actually teaches a lot about … Continue reading Teaching Shakespeare, or What I learn from Slings and Arrows

Teaching Shakespeare in the Classroom

Shakespeare has been taught in English classrooms for a long, long time.  Students are also exposed to Shakespeare's plays from an unbelievably early age, it is surprising just how much of what we see daily is based on Shakespeare.  There are so many movies, plays, TV shows, etc. that either reference Shakespeare or are based … Continue reading Teaching Shakespeare in the Classroom

The Power of Religious Theatre

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting a speaker shared an experience about when he lost his young son and how the Spirit helped him and his wife deal with the loss.  It was a powerful experience, and as I felt the spirit of his testimony I was reminded of a similar experience I have had.  No, I … Continue reading The Power of Religious Theatre

Why you should go see New Play Project in Provo, UT

Yesterday I wrote about my experience with New Play Project, a non-profit theatre organization based in Provo, UT.  We have been around for 4 years now with the main purpose of helping to promote, produce, and perform new plays in the Provo area.  I have been with New Play Project for 3 years now and … Continue reading Why you should go see New Play Project in Provo, UT

Theatre in the classroom, or What I’d love to teach

I have a hard time reading drama. I don't picture things very well in my mind and I often get confused as to which character is which when they are speaking. I love to watch plays though - and often enjoy seeing a play that I didn't get much from when I read it. How should we teach theatre in the classroom to help students benefit from it?

A Foray into Web Design

I have been involved with a local theatre comapny since January.  I got involved because I know found founding playwright, having worked with him on other plays of his that he has produced.  He has since moved to Arizona, but wants to keep producing his plays here, so he asked me if I would run … Continue reading A Foray into Web Design