On Healthcare: What Right Have We?

I had an interesting conversation with someone I do not know on Twitter when I replied to a tweet that was retweeted by someone I follow.  It was about healthcare and rights.  That is really what it boiled down to, and that is what I feel is the fundamental question at the heart of the … Continue reading On Healthcare: What Right Have We?

Sports and Politics: Pondering the Purpose of Pundits

I work tech support for a cable company, which means that there are test televisions throughout our offices so that we can “monitor” the cable signals and make sure all of the channels are working, or at least have the ability to test when we get reports of issues.  Ostensibly, that’s what they are there … Continue reading Sports and Politics: Pondering the Purpose of Pundits

On What Politicians Should Be

With election day coming up soon, this will probably be my last political post for a while (except that I may have to do another post with the results of election day).  I just want to say a few words about politicians themselves and what I think politicians should be and should do.  Hopefully, I’ll … Continue reading On What Politicians Should Be

My Thoughts on the Presidential Debate

I was not able to watch the Presidential Debate live as it happened, but I watched most of it the next day.  It was an interesting debate.  I did not like the way either candidate handled himself, there were too many instances of them interrupting each other and the moderator who was trying to facilitate … Continue reading My Thoughts on the Presidential Debate

On Race and Being American

As we approach the iconic holiday of Fourth of July, where Americans celebrate their independence, thoughts naturally turn to American history, culture, and the question “What does it mean to be an American?” This is something I have been pondering lately.  America, as a nation, is fundamentally different from most other nations in the world. … Continue reading On Race and Being American

Mormonism, Marriage, and the Law

With the news that the State of New York has legalized same-sex marriage, the internets are once again abuzz with talk about equality and rights and tradition and religion.  At the risk of my readership, I will wade into these waters with my own thoughts on the subject. CAVEAT: I am a member of the Church … Continue reading Mormonism, Marriage, and the Law

The German Example

There is an article I read the other day in the New York Times, The German Example.  It's in the Business and Finance section, and it mostly focuses on what the United States, and the world, can learn from the way that Germany has handled its economy. Of course, I was drawn to the article … Continue reading The German Example